Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sci Fi Buildings in 15mm

I've been gearing up for some Tomorrow's War action and I needed to make some 15mm buildings for sci fi games.  I'd seen some other folks do buildings using electrical boxes and I thought that looked like a good idea.  So a took a trip to the lumber yard and for a little under $10 I had the start of six buildings.  I glued on some shapes cut from styrene, mat board, cereal box card stock and a few other bits from my recycled junk box.  You can see the results in the picture below, just before I primed them for painting.
The seventh, black building in the picture above was a frozen entree container I had saved quite a few years ago with just such a future project in mind.  After priming I painted them with acrylic craft paints and sealed them with a clear matte spray varnish.  I was pretty pleased with the results.

I wrote up a scenario that would use these buildings and the figures I currently have painted, based loosely on one of the scenarios from the rulebook.  More about that in a future post...